Tax and Fiscal consulntancy

Foti & Partners is a reference point for tax advice to individuals and companies. The Firm’s professionals are available to fill in tax returns, explain the tax regulations in force, check obligations and maximise benefits to clients through the application of the tax regulations themselves.

The tax and fiscal consultancy service will not only allow the fulfilment of annual tax returns, but it will also guarantee each client a service of assistance and support for all tasks, news, updates and possible tax benefits throughout the year.

Foti & Partners’ tax consultants offer themselves as reliable partners both for a quick consultation or for a careful and precise study of one’s tax position.


Corporate consultancy

Foti & Partners assists Italian companies and Italian branches of foreign companies, providing personalised assistance and supporting them both in ordinary business management activities and in strategic and organisational choices, such as:

  • Company incorporation. The activity includes a careful analysis of the type of company to be created, with relative draft articles of association and company books;
  • Capital transactions, both ordinary and extraordinary such as mergers or demergers;
  • Assistance with transfer transactions such as sale of quotas or shares;
  • Assistance in the drafting of balance sheets;
  • Evaluation and appraisal of companies.

Corporate accounting

Company production processes must be managed in a precise manner, according to measured and measurable flows so that the entrepreneur knows at all times the costs, revenues and therefore the results of the activity.

The company accounting service deals precisely with guaranteeing the control of the entire economic aspect of a productive activity (from small company to industry), verifying the correctness of the costs incurred and consequently implementing all the actions that can be taken to reduce criticalities and maximise economic results.

The accounting and management consultancy activity of Foti & Partners allows offices and companies to keep company accounts under control, thanks to constant budget, general accounting and performance verifications.


Fiscal, corporate, tax and accounting consultancy.


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