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VAT Identification, Fiscal Representations and Establishment of Stable Organizations and/or Subsidiary Companies in Italy for Foreign Entities

The Italian market and “Made in Italy” products continue to have great appeal around the world, promoting particular interest in foreign companies, who need to apply for VAT identification, Fiscal Representation or even need to set up a branch or subsidiary in Italy in order to start business operations in Italy.

Foti & Partners takes care of assessing the needs and assisting foreign companies, taking care of their VAT registration, their declarations and all the other fulfilments required by local regulations.

Foti & Partners also specialises in assisting foreign companies and individuals to establish and manage their business in Italy by providing tax, accounting and corporate services.

Our services include assistance on:

  • Incorporation of Limited Liability Companies in Italy and related fulfilments;

  • Establishment of Stable Organisations in Italy;

  • Representative office in Italy;

  • Virtual office and domiciliation.


VAT Identifications, Fiscal Representations and Establishment of Permanent Organisations and/or Limited Companies abroad for Italian subjects

For your operations abroad you may need to apply for a VAT identification, a Fiscal Representation or even need to set up a branch or subsidiary in one or more European and Extra-European countries.

Foti & Partners takes care of assessing your cases, providing for your foreign VAT registration, your VAT returns and all other fulfilments required by local regulations.


VAT refunds in Italy and abroad for transnational transactions

Our team of international VAT experts specialises in assisting and advising on VAT refunds under Directive 2008/9/EC. Our professional assistance every year enables hundreds of companies to reduce the costs of their activities abroad by obtaining a simple and secure refund of VAT paid in:

Austria – Belgium – Bulgaria – Croatia – Denmark – Estonia – Finland – France – Germany – Great Britain – Greece – Ireland – Italy – Latvia – Lithuania – Luxembourg – Malta – Monaco Principality – Norway – Netherlands – Poland – Portugal – Czech Republic – Romania – Spain – Sweden – Slovakia – Slovenia – Switzerland – Hungary

With differences from country to country, it is possible to obtain a refund of the VAT charged on costs such as:

  • Travel expenses for Hotels, Restaurants and Fuel.
  • Expenses related to representative offices.
  • Expenses for access to Fairs, Congresses and Conferences.
  • Diesel expenses and tolls for International Transport.
  • Event organisation expenses (no travel agencies).
  • Purchases of goods for resale or installation of equipment.

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